Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is the perfect time for planting, while the ground is still warm and the soil is still moist. It is also an ideal opportunity to prepare your lawn and plants for the coming cold winter months, ensuring your garden is healthy and full of life the coming spring.

If you're not sure where to start, take a look at our fall gardening tips for how to maintain a healthy lawn, what to plant for spring colour, and how to keep your garden exploding with fall colour until early winter.

Fall Lawn Care tips

Fall Lawn Fertilizer
  • Apply Parkwood® 10-0-14 Fall Fertilizer in the autumn anytime between September and November. This is crucial for strengthening your lawn throughout the winter months.
  • Make certain you water in well after application.
  • The 10 in the formula is Nitrogen which strengthens the roots for winter.
  • The 14 in the formula is Potassium which builds resistance to winter injury and disease.
  • Only your lawn should be fertilized at this time; fertilizing your shrubs and trees should be completed in late August and then left to go dormant.

Fall Garden Products

Fall Bulbs...Plant now for spring colour!

Planting Tips
  • Fall bulbs need to be planted into the ground before the first hard frost.
  • It is best to plant fall bulbs once the temperature outside drops below 65 degrees.
  • Bulbs require a minimum cold period of 6 weeks to form roots, so they should be planted before winter.

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